Student Fees

Student fees consist of mandatory UC Systemwide fees established by The Regents of the University of California and miscellaneous campus-based fees.

Mandatory UC Systemwide Fees include: 
    Tuition paid by all registered students provides general support all functions of the university, including student financial aid.
     The Student Services Fee is a fee charged to all registered students to support student services not a part of instruction, research and public service. These services include activities such as student health services, social, cultural and   recreational programs, and infrastructure improvements providing extracurricular benefits to students. As of July 1, 2011 a portion of the incremental Student Services Fee increase will be allocated for student financial aid.

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition is a required fee charged to all students who do not qualify as California Residents and is assessed in addition to Tuition and Student Services Fee. For specific information regarding residency and financial independency requirements, refer to the UCI General Catalogue ( . The Regents approve separate fee levels for undergraduate students, graduate academics and professional degree students. Beginning in 2006-07, nonresident graduate academics who have advanced to candidacy may have their Nonresident Supplemental Tuition fee waived up to three years.

Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition charges are approved by The Regents, vary for each professional degree program, and are paid in addition to Tuition and Student Servies Fee, and Nonresident Supplemental Tuition if applicable. The fee is charged to students in UCI's Law, MD, MBA, MS Nursing, MS Public Health, and Public Policy. Future Professional Degree Fee Supplemental Tuition will be instituted as Schools/programs are established. Under The Regents approved Fee Policy for Selected Professional School Students, at least one-third of the income generated from Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition must be used for financial aid.

Miscellaneous Campus-Based Fees Miscellaneous campus-based fees support a variety of campus-specific, student-related expenditures and programs such as student government, and construction, renovation, and maintenance of student activities and recreational facilities, which are not funded by Mandatory UC Systemwide fees. Campus-based fees include both mandatory (fees established or increased by student referendum) and voluntary fees for which approval authority has been delegated by The Regents and the President to the Chancellors.

Mandatory UCI campus-based fees assessed to all registered students include: Associated Students Fee, UCI Student Center Fee, Bren Events Center Fee, Recreation Center Fee, and Student Health Insurance Fee. Undergraduate students are also assessed a Campus Spirit Fee, Measure S (campus shuttle) Fee, and the TGIF Fee. Medical Students pay an additional Medical Student Disability Insurance Fee.

Students may also be assessed a Course Materials and Services Fee which vary from course to course. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for specific course fees.

Self-Supporting Programs In addition to regular degree programs supported by State funds, fees are charged for various self-supporting programs including University Extension and Self-Supporting Graduate and Professional Degree Programs such as the FEMBA, EMBA, and HCEMBA programs in the Paul Merage School of Business and MAS-CLS program in the School of Social Ecology. The fee for each specific self-supporting program cohort is determined by each School and is approved by the Office of the President.

Course Materials and Services Fees