Capital Account Management

Capital Account Management

A capital improvement project is land or real property, construction, or capital equipment for construction included as a project in the Capital Improvement Program. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is the University's project-by-project implementation of the master academic plans and long-range development plans at its Facilities. The Capital Improvement Program is published each year by the Office of the President and includes the current year's budget for capital improvements as well as the budget for the rolling five-year CIP.


The Budget Office assists in the Capital Improvement Program process by:

  • Establishing Capital Project numbers, linking to the appropriate  Plant fund numbers, and allocating funds from a variety of sources
  • Working with various units on campus, primarily Plant Accounting, Design & Construction Services, Facilities Management, and the UCI Medical Center, to process various transactions for the Capital Project accounts
  • Assisting with questions regarding Capital Improvement Program policy and procedure
  • Working with UCOP to develop external financing for Capital Projects