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Contact Budget Office

Katherine Gallardo Assistant Vice Chancellor, Budget Office 949.824.7676 klgallar@uci.edu
Vacant Budget Director    
Karen Mizumoto Student Fee Coordinator 949.824.6629 karen.mizumoto@uci.edu
Nancy Im Interim Assistant Director 949.824.1506 nancyim@uci.edu
Romain Fravien Interim Assistant Director 949.824.8327 rfravien@uci.edu
Adrian Haymond Principal Finance Analyst/Portfolio Manager 949.824.8217 ahaymond@uci.edu
Katherine Warnke-Carpenter Principal Finance Analyst/Portfolio Manager 949.824.5473 kcarpent@uci.edu
Sang Ta Principal Finance Analyst/Portfolio Manager 949.824.3528 slta@uci.edu
Monica Choi Assistant Director of Financial Reporting 949.824.2788 monicahc@uci.edu
Tiffany Tran Principal Finance Analyst/Portfolio Manager 949.824.6684 trantt8@uci.edu
Jonathan Saucedo Finance Analyst/Portfolio Manager 949.824.5070 jdsauced@uci.edu
Amanda Kwo Finance Analyst/Portfolio Manager   akwo@uci.edu
Vacant Administrative Analyst    

Contacts by Unit

Arts Adrian Haymond
Biological Sciences Adrian Haymond
Business Adrian Haymond
Education Jonathan Saucedo
Engineering Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Humanities Adrian Haymond
ICS Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Law Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Physical Sciences Romain Fravien
Social Ecology Jonathan Saucedo
Social Sciences Romain Fravien

VC Health Affairs Romain Fravien
Medicine Romain Fravien
Nursing Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Pharmaceutical Sciences Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Public Health Katherine Warnke-Carpenter

Academic Affairs Adrian Haymond
Applied Innovation Sang Ta
Enrollment Management Nancy Im
Academic Senate Adrian Haymond
Division of Continuing Education Jonathan Saucedo
Graduate Division Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Libraries Adrian Haymond
Office of Research Romain Fravien
Office of VP for Teaching and Learning Jonathan Saucedo
Summer Session Adrian Haymond

Division of Finance and Administration Tiffany Tran
Executive Management Sang Ta
Intercollegiate Athletics Tiffany Tran
Office of Information Technology Tiffany Tran
Student Affairs Nancy Im
University Advancement Sang Ta

Control - Financial Aid and Scholarships Nancy Im
Control - Graduate Aid Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Control - Planning Open Dir. Interim Nancy Im
Control - Accounting Open Dir. Interim Nancy Im
Control - Financial Services Tiffany Tran
Medical Center Open Dir. Interim Nancy Im