Contact Budget Office

Contact Budget Office

Katherine Gallardo Director of Strategic Planning 824-7676
James Pavelko Interim Special Assistant to the CFO and Vice Chancellor 824-3012
Nancy Im Interim Assistant Director 824-1506
Karen Mizumoto Student Fee Program Coordinator 824-6629
Monica Choi Principal Finance Analyst 824-2788
Romain Fravien Principal Finance Analyst 824-8327
Maria Gorginova Principal Finance Analyst 824-3971
Adrian Haymond Principal Finance Analyst 824-8217
Kiu Klauke Principal Finance Analyst 824-0576
Sang Ta Principal Finance Analyst 824-3528
Katherine Warnke-Carpenter Principal Finance Analyst 824-5473
Patryk Dubert Senior Finance Analyst 824-9235
Laura Long Budget Consultant 824-8712
Jonathan Saucedo Administrative Analyst 824-5070

 Contacts by Unit

Academic Units

Arts Adrian Haymond 824-8217
Bioligical Sciences Adrian Haymond 824-8217
Paul Merage School of Business Adrian Haymond 824-8217
Education Romain Fravien 824-8327
Engineering Katherine Warnke-Carpenter 824-5473
Humanities Adrian Haymond 824-8217
Information & Computer Sciences Katherine Warnke-Carpenter 824-5473
Law Katherine Warnke-Carpenter 824-5473
Physical Sciences Romain Fravien 824-8327
Social Ecology Romain Fravien 824-8327
Social Sciences Romain Fravien 824-8327

Health Units

VC Health Affairs Monica Choi 824-2788
Medicine (SOM) Monica Choi 824-2788
Nursing Katherine Warnke-Carpenter 824-5473
Pharmaceutical Sciences Katherine Warnke-Carpenter 824-5473
Public Health Monica Choi 824-2788
Medical Center Nancy Im 824-1506

Academic Support Units

Academic Affairs Adrian Haymond 824-8217
Academic Senate Adrian Haymond 824-8217
Teaching & Learning / Summer Session Monica Choi 824-2788
Graduate Division, Graduate Support Katherine Warnke-Carpenter 824-5473
Office of Research/ORU/SRP Romain Fravien 824-8327
Libraries Adrian Haymond 824-8217
Division of Continuing Education Monica Choi 824-2788