Base Budgeting

The Base Budget (permanent) is the unit's base funding for the next fiscal year. The base funding is shown on the KFS general ledger in period BB, with document type ACLO, and with description "Initial Budget." The base funding will change according to allocations that are provided throughout the year to establish the following year's "Initial Budget." Base (permanent) allocations include staff (SWG1) and faculty (SWG0) merit and range dollars, approved funding supplied by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and other allocations provided by the unit's dean's office or coordinating point.

The staffing list detail report is generated from the combination of Budget and FTE information recorded in KFS>KBM by position, and matched to employee payroll information contained within the on-line payroll system (PPS). This report contains career employees as well as open provisions in sub 0 and sub 1. Changes to the staffing list are accomplished through changes to PPS appointments/distributions, open provisions, payroll position maintenance, or Budget Appropriation Transaction (BAT) documents.