Funding Policies: Sub 1 – Career Employees

The following funding policies identify the support provided from central campus resources for State and Student Fee funded positions, (19900, 19924, 20000). Non-state funded positions, positions funded with recharge funds, opportunity funds, contracts and grants, etc., will be funded from the unit’s sub 2 account.

Merits – If merit funding is received from the Office of the President, the Campus will fund merit increases. With the funding from OP, the Budget Office will provide both permanent and current year funding for sub 1 employees on 19900, 19924 and 20000 fund sources. Merit funding is automatically recorded in KBM for qualifying employees.

Range Adjustments – If range adjustment funding is received from the Office of the President, the Campus will fund range adjustment increases. With the funding from OP, the Budget Office will provide both permanent and current year funding for sub 1 filled positions on 19900, 19924 and 20000 fund sources. Range adjustment funding is automatically recorded in KBM for qualifying employees.

UCPath Position Management

The following table represents key terms and processes for base budgeted position management & control pre-UCPath versus post-UCPath.

Create & Maintain Position Numbers
  • Created in KBM only for Base-funded employees; no existence in PPS.
  • Designated KBM user(s) for units or Budget Office.
  • Created in UCPath; STF flagged position #s in BDP are fed into KBM. All employees have UCPath position #s, but not all are in KBM.
  • Position administrators in UCPath.
Base Budgeted Position Flag Add FTE to PPS distribution line. Budget Distribution Page (BDP) – STF Flag. Only flag Base budgeted lines.
Feed into KBM Employee data & distribution line data. Employee data & STF flagged BDP lines.
Personnel Actions for Base Budgeted Positions Updates in PPS distribution lines create variances in KBM. Update both Funding page and Budget Distribution Page (BDP). Recommended that users that enter funding are trained to update BDP.
Base Budgeted Academic Positions
  • Schools: process transactions; update distribution lines.
  • Budget Office: create and maintain positions in KBM; resolve budget variances.
  • Schools: process transactions; edit filled position information; update funding & BDP in UCPath.
  • Budget Office: create new positions in UCPath; maintain positions in KBM; resolve budget variances

Yes. Conversions for open provisions and filled positions are complete; there are crosswalk files for both. If you need to cross-reference a KBM position number to UCPath number, please contact your portfolio manager in the Budget Office.

KBM staffing that will reflect UCPath position numbers will be available by the end of February. The UCPath data related to Base budgeted staffing is not currently functioning. It is the top priority of the central team to fix this. As soon as it runs (estimated February 2020), staffing will be available. Budgets are being moved from old position numbers to the new UCPath position numbers.

Training to balance the Base Budgeted Staffing in KBM using UCPath Budget Distribution page is tentatively set for March 2020. Dates will be announced once finalized.

KBM position numbers that were inactivated or had “No PPM.” did not convert to UCPath position numbers. New UCPath position numbers will need to be manually created for these unconverted salary control numbers. All budgets associated with these unconverted salary control numbers can be found in their respective Sub-XX; the position line will show the funds but have blank position numbers.

UCPath created two position numbers, if an employee has two Base distribution lines but on KBM had one salary control number.

  1. Inactive the wrong position number; and
  2. Update the correct one with the appropriate FTE and funding.

Duplicate UCPath position numbers may exist for Base KBM open provisions that were out for recruitment during conversion: one from the salary control number conversion and the other from the job postings. New position numbers were created in UCPath to link the job postings instead of using the converted KBM open provisions position numbers, when job postings moved from GreenTree to the new Careers UCI site for staff recruitments.

  1. Use the position number linked to the job postings;
  2. Inactivate the duplicate(s) from conversion; and
  3. Update the correct position number with the appropriate FTE and funding.

For Base budgeted academic recruitments, use the UCPath number that references the original Salary Control number (i.e., the one on the Authorized to Recruit memo). Consult with the Budget Office.

All position numbers are created in UCPath. The Position Control Initiator role in your unit can create new positions, for Sub-01 (Base staff). Other users may be able to edit the position once created. The Help Guide in UCPath (PHCMWFAL300: Position Control) will provide the specific steps to create a position.

Navigation: PeopleSoft menu > UC Customizations > UC Extensions > Position Control Request

Entries must be made to the Budget Distribution Page for all Base budgeted positions, ensuring that the STF Flag box is checked for the appropriate appointment lines. If there are multiple appointment lines (e.g., stipends, overtime, etc.) that are not usually Base budgeted, those lines do not need to be checked.

Entry on the BDP page is similar to the appointment lines in the Funding Page. Click on “Default Funding Entry.” In BDP to copy all the appointment line(s) for an employee’s pay. STF Flag only the Base budgeted lines.

Navigation: PeopleSoft Menu > Set Up HCM > Product Related > Commitment Accounting > Budget Information > UC Customizations > Budget Distribution

STF feed into KBM

STF flagged Budget Distribution Page (BDP) lines feed into KBM.

Yes, the Budget Office will continue to all Base academic salary actions in KBM.